Customers Migrating from BizTalk to Azure

In 2000 BizTalk Server was first announced. With the release of 2020 in January, we have seen some fourteen versions.

You may be one of the thousands of customers that have benefited from the integration power of BizTalk to support your business flows and keep your systems connected.

In 2008 Microsoft launched Azure as their response to the inexorable movement towards the cloud. For Microsoft loyal customers, and for those looking to migrate other legacy integration platforms, this creates exciting challenges and also present questions such as:

How do we migrate the valuable business intelligence accumulated in our BizTalk estate?

What kind of expertise, skill and experience will we need for such a project?

As BizTalk, Azure and migration experts, we have been working with this challenge for years and in that time have built the insights, skills and resources needed for any migration project.

This is how we can help:

analysis and impact assessment

Analysis and impact assessment

First we comprehensively audit your BizTalk estate and evaluate your solutions to establish the size and complexity of the task in hand.


Priorities Planning Stage

Next we work with you to select, prioritise and budget for migration against your business and IT goals.

conversion and testing

Conversion and Testing

Then we support you, as much as is needed, to migrate your existing solutions, ensuring they work, are fit for purpose, and can meet existing and future needs.

deployment and support

Deployment and Support

Finally we help you to go live with your migrated solution and ensuring you have ongoing support to give you peace of mind.

Wherever you are on your migration journey, you need the best guides to find the perfect route.


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