Microsoft announce Logic Apps Container and On-Premises support

1st June 2020

On Monday 1st June, during his keynote at the Integrate 2020 conference, Microsoft’s Jon Fancey announced the public preview of Logic Apps running on the Distributed Application Runtime (Dapr) and Azure Functions framework.

Dapr is an open-source portable, serverless, event-driven runtime which allows developers to build powerful microservices-based applications.  The Logic Apps execution engine is now available to load into a Dapr application via Dapr side-car technology: what this means is that Logic Apps can run in any environment supported by Dapr: in a Docker container, on a MacBook, or on an on-premises server.

Azure Functions are Microsoft’s premier serverless code execution framework – Mr Fancey indicated that Logic Apps will be compiled and executing on top of the Azure Functions runtime.

Affinus and Azure Integration Group Director, Dan Probert says, “The announcement of Dapr workflow powered by Logic Apps has huge ramifications. For a lot of our businesses, their main concern in either migrating from BizTalk, or migrating to the Azure Cloud is the lack of on-premises support for Workflow. But with this announcement, a new migration path exists for them. We look forward to following the progress of this tool, and using it to help customer migrate from BizTalk and other existing workflow systems to Logic Apps running in their own data centre or in their own container systems.”

Dr. Andrew Rivers says, “The possibilities I see emerging from this announcement are mind-blowing! Microsoft’s integration offering – already leading the pack in terms of usability and adoption – is now going to another level.  The final barriers between cloud and on-premises development in the integration space are literally melting before our eyes”.

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To find out more, click here to read Microsoft’s blog on the subject.